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Hi! I'm Gabriella, a blogger for Say It Loud. I'm a Creative Writing postgraduate student in Aberystwyth, and have used writing to come to terms with my own experiences with sexual violence. I currently work with Not On My Campus UK and AberPhoenix, a university society for survivors, to try and combat sexual harassment, particularly in an academic setting. I'm excited to use my writing experience to help improve awareness and understanding of these issues.




Hello! My name is Alexandria. I’m a blogger for Say It Loud. I’ve always been somewhat vocal about injustice, but recent compounded personal experiences with sexual violence drove me to channel my passion for writing into advocacy for fellow survivors. I write about sexual violence, trauma recovery and mental health in order to spread the awareness that I believe is still very much needed. Through everything I write, my purpose is always to help survivors feel empowered and validated. My hope is to also expose a new perspective to readers who may not fully understand trauma or oppressive societal attitudes that only further the prevalence of rape culture

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