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Help our cause

We are a voluntary team that provides free, accessible support for all individuals from the ages of 16 upwards who have experienced sexual violence. We fund the services independently out of our own pockets and receive no financial support. Any donations made are appreciated. 

Our story

Say it Loud was set up by Meredith Graham in 2020 after experiencing sexual violence herself in 2018. When Meredith reached out for support from her university, she felt that the responses she got were victim-blaming and prevented her from healing from her sexual trauma in a productive and healthy way. Meredith although supported mostly by her loved ones, was also surrounded by friends who made her feel as if her experience was not "bad enough" and was often joked about. Due to this, Meredith set up Say it Loud as she felt that although she sought support for her experience and was eventually given this, she was often told to not speak about her experiences and was encouraged not to. Meredith found that as a society, we refuse to speak about sexual violence as it's a taboo subject and felt this does more damage than good. 

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