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Support in disclosing sexual violence

Please know there is no right or wrong way when disclosing your experience of sexual violence. Do what feels comfortable for you - these conversation starters are purely here for support and/or ideas.

  1. Can I talk to you about something please?

  2. Something happened to me that has made me feel uncomfortable and confused. 

  3. Do you have the space right now to listen to me about something?

  4. I think I was sexually assaulted. 

  5. Somebody didn’t respect my right to say no. 

  6. I feel really upset about something - can I tell you about it please?

  7. I don’t feel comfortable speaking about this, but feel it would help, please bear with me as I gather my thoughts. 

  8. I was raped. 

  9. I feel really distressed and could do with your support right now - are you able to offer me this?

  10. I would like to talk to you about something that happened to me. 

  11. What I am about to tell you is really distressing for me. 

  12. I feel really weird about an event that happened - can I tell you about it?

Supporting a loved one

If you need further support, please do email us at or reach out to us via our social media pages. 


Listen - and show you're listening - to what they have to say, even if it's difficult for you to hear. 

Let them stay in control

Allow them to make their own decisions - including whether they report or not.

Respect their decisions

Respect their choices, even if you don't think they're the ones you'd make in their situation.

Be patient

Many survivors find it difficult to trust others because of their experiences, especially if they've not been believed in the past.


Please be aware we do not offer any legal advice.

If you would like to report your assault and/or rape, please read the guidance here