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The Say it Loud Ambassadors

Make noise

Here at Say it Loud, we believe that all survivors should be heard loud and clear and should be empowered to do so. If you are a survivor, you know what worked for you best and what didn't so you'll know exactly what needs to change and what we need more of in society. Or maybe you've supported a loved one, either way you'll have first hand experience of what we need to be Saying out Loud. You'll take charge of seeking out opportunities, negotiating collaborations and ways to fundraise. 

Pensive Coffee Time

Our Mission

Say it Loud aims to provide safe spaces for survivors to come forwards in disclosing their experience of sexual violence. Unfortunately, not everywhere has the knowledge, skills, funding or support in creating these spaces - this is where we come in. We help support universities and other institutions in creating spaces where survivors feel able to speak openly by incorporating our core values.

empowering you

Through volunteering for Say it Loud as an ambassador, we aim to provide you with the tools and resources on how to help others, but also how to help YOU. We believe in empowerment and are proud to be an organisation that identifies as feminists.

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Say it Loud?

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