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I trusted him

I was on my ski season it was new years night, I was out with my friends celebrating and I bumped into 2 brothers that I had met during my GCSE summer when on holiday with my family. My friends left me with these 2 boys as I knew them and trusted them to take me home, the younger brother left (the one I was closer with) so I was just with the older brother. I asked him to take me home as I had work the next morning. He walked me to my home and then asked if he could come in which I said no to so he grabbed me and put me over his shoulder and carried me back to where he was staying. I was then too exhausted to fight back by the time I got back to his and he had tied me up and abused me. I woke up the next morning very disoriented and confused and then ran back and exploded in emotion to my flatmate. My parents then came out to France to be with me and sit with me whilst I spoke to the police. I didn't end up telling them his name as once the guy that abused me was back in England they couldn't do anymore so would only drag it out for me and I didn't want it to ruin my season. Throughout my season I struggled to make connections with guys and was very on edge when in clubs however I had extremely supportive friends around me so did not let it affect the rest of my season. When I got home I went to see the same counselor I did for my depression and suicide and used the same method which is a form of hypnotherapy that has dissociated my emotions with the act. This has helped me to come to terms with what I have been through and experienced. Now 3 years down the line I am more confident than ever it has taken me time to come to trust boys but has found the most amazing and supportive boyfriend. The support I was given through my family and friends I could not replace. Having people to talk to and comfort me when I needed it was the most crucial support which has helped me to get to where I am today. For myself speaking about it does take time but is also how I have come to terms with what happened so I have been able to accept it.

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