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Navigating Change

By Ellie Rochell

Change is a massive part of life, whether it is welcomed or not. Unfortunately, sometimes we are faced with unforeseen changes, things we aren’t prepared to cope with. This is why it is especially important to understand how you navigate change within yourself, and how you can improve your coping mechanisms.

After a traumatic experience, it can feel as though a lot of things have changed and this is a valid emotion, it’s important to remember this. Nurturing yourself throughout this process is vital to navigating these personal and emotional turbulences. Whether it is changes in your friend group, family dynamic or relationships, staying in touch with your own emotions and understanding how to manage each of these emotions is key.

Even something as simple as taking a long shower, watching the sunset, colouring in or meditating, the best way to learn how to cope with change is to better understand yourself. This is by no means an easy task, but any progress is good progress and it’s important to celebrate these small (but all the more important) gains.

Some things which may be a good method of tracking emotions during a period of change includes:

  • A mood tracker: Track your daily emotions in a journal, specific app or even in the notes app on your phone

  • Journal: Whether you do this everyday, every week or every month, this can be a great source of understanding your past emotions and being able to look at them in a more analytical way.

  • Speak with a trusted person: If you have a friend, family member or significant other who you feel comfortable talking to, that's great (a counsellor/therapist can work well for this too). You can use this opportunity to share your emotions and talk about how you think this change is affecting you.

Below are some podcasts which can help guide you in this process:

Here for the Craic with Emma Neill, ep. ‘Navigating Change’

  • Emma talks about understanding the implications of change, she focuses on moving away to university, changes in friendships and self-image.

After: Surviving Sexual Assault

  • This podcast features episodes of individuals' experiences of assault and how they’ve coped, this is a great listen although it may be triggering for some.

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