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Privacy Policy

Your privacy and safety matters to us here at Say it Loud. We know how daunting it can be to reach out to people you do not know and disclose something distressing. The online chat-line via Instagram provides one-one confidential support every weekday. 

You can chat with a trained staff member who will provide you with information and a signposting service through our instant messaging format, or simply offer a space for you to vent about what has happened with no pressure to take things further. 

To ensure your safety, we have resources to hand to make sure all messages sent to and from yourselves are secure using end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption adds extra security and protection to your messages and calls in a chat so that only you and whoever you're talking to can see, hear or read them. 

Every week messages are deleted from our direct inbox to ensure confidentiality and privacy is obtained. During your chat, you do not have to share any personal information like your name or where you live. We also recommend you do not store or record any sessions in order to protect your privacy. 

If still concerned about your privacy, we recommend users clearing their mobile/computer devices history and cache in order to keep your internet activity private. 

Finally, we do have a Facebook group which is primarily used by survivors for peer survivor support. This is checked daily by trained staff. There is an option within the group to post anonymously if you would like to completely hide your identity. 

Confidentiality means the state of being secret or of keeping secrets. It is the responsibility of all team members participating in the Say it Loud team, to preserve and protect confidential members, employees and business information. 


During your session, we will not ask for information that would identify you (such as your name or address) and we will not record the chat. However, if you disclose your name and location and are under 18 or if we fear that you are at harm to yourself or others (or otherwise as required by law), we may have to provide information you have given us to the appropriate services. This will be communicated to you at all times.

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