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This is our resources page. To the right, you will find resources that may be beneficial to your needs. If you'd like a specific resource that is not detailed here, please contact us.

Types of sexual violence

Sexual violence unfortunately takes many forms. It can be both distressing and confusing to know what it all means. Click here to read our easy read resource. 


Reporting sexual violence

You do not need to report your experience in order for it to be valid, however, if you'd like to report, here is an easy read PDF that explains how to report.


Self-care for survivors

It can be difficult to overcome sexual trauma, so finding ways to put in some extra self-care can be really useful. Click here to access our drive on self-care for survivors - including managing flashbacks.


Supporting a loved one

Supporting a loved one can be really difficult and you may not know what to say or what to do. Click here to read our easy-read resource. 


Creating safe spaces in organisations 

Coming soon.


How health care professionals can support survivors

Coming soon

Want to volunteer?

Send us an email with a brief description with why you'd like to volunteer and any relevant experience to

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