meet the Team


I'm Meredith, I am the founder of Say it Loud. I am studying to be a mental health nurse and have training in receiving sexual violence disclosures as well as rape crisis. I am passionate about creating more safe spaces for victims to come forward about their experience without judgement or pressure to report. I am dedicated to using this platform as a way to highlight important conversations around sexual violence and we can improve our services across the UK. 



I’m Abigail and I’m the business manager for Say it Loud as well as a support mentor.  I am a final year student and hoping to go on to do a masters in counselling and psychotherapy. I have personal experience with sexual trauma and professional experience supporting people who have experienced sexual trauma. I wanted to join Say it Loud because I admire how SIL provide such accessible support for people, utilise an anti-oppressive always working to develop understanding of how people from marginalised groups may experience and respond to trauma and aim to educate people to better understand the effects of rape culture.



Hey! My name’s Chloe and I am one of the bloggers for Say it Loud. I am currently studying English Literature and Drama at Loughborough University. Joining Say it Loud has given me a chance to write about topics so stigmatised in today’s society and I have a passion for breaking the stigma around talking about sexual violence. Being part of an organisation that creates a safe and supportive environment for sexual violence survivors is something that drives me to write every day, discussing topics that are avoided in a lot of media outlets so that people can read about them and or help them become more comfortable in talking about them.



Hello! I’m Katie, and I am the Head of support mentors for Say it Loud. I am currently in my final year studying Psychology and want to apply my knowledge of psychology to help others. I am here to listen to you, and to provide support and advice to those who need it. Say it Loud is a safe, approachable space that offers support and education surrounding the topic of sexual violence and harassment, and I am so happy to be a part of the fight toward ending rape culture and reducing stigmas surrounding it!



Hey, I’m Sophia, I am a support mentor for Say It Loud. It is a cause that is very close to my heart, and I am extremely passionate about helping those who have experienced sexual assault of any kind. Say It Loud is exactly the kind of safe space I would have benefited from after experiencing sexual violence, and I think it is an important step against the blaming and silencing of individuals who have suffered sexual assault. I’m really proud to be a part of this amazing team!



Hey, I’m Kacey and I am the head of media team for Say it loud. I am currently at Oxford Brookes university studying sociology. I decided to join the media team of say it loud because I think it is so important for both women and men to have a safe space to be able to speak out and get support and to also help spread awareness which could reduce the stigma attached to sexual violence and assault



Hello, I am Meriel and I am the LGBTQ officer and a supoort mentor. I am currently in my second year of politics and sociology at Oxford Brookes and I'm hoping to use my studies to help people when I graduate. I have lots of various experience being a mentor because I really value the importance of mental wellbeing and support. Too many cuts have damaged our mental health services leaving women, poc and the lgbt community incredibly vulnerable. I hope by being part of say it Loud I can help change these negative set backs and work towards improving mental wellbeing



Hey! I' m Leonor and I am currently in my first year of university, studying Electronic Engineering with Nanotechnology!  I joined the Say it Loud team as a support mentor as I wanted to have an active role in helping survivors. I have always been passionate about the fight against sexual violences and I feel like Say it Loud is a great place to put that in practice, as it not only helps people who were affected by it, but also fights to educate and end stigmas around this issue. I am also the social secretary for Say it Loud. 



Hey I’m Mia and I am support mentor for Say It Loud. I am extremely proud to be part of a team who’s main aim is to educate and support individuals about sexual violence. It is really important to listen and to provide a safe, confidential place for victims. I aim to be able to guide and support many others through their difficult times.



Hi I’m Rowena! I’m a support mentor as well as Deputy Head of support mentors for Say it Loud and a third year English literature student. I want to use my voice to help end the culture of staying silent about sexual violence as well as help people who may be recovering on their mental health journeys.’


Hiya, my name is Poppy and I am a support mentor for Say It Loud.  I have joined Say It Loud because I am passionate in being able to provide a listening ear and education for those who have experienced sexual violence.  Having feelings and experiences validated are incredibly important and Say It Loud is a safe, non-discriminatory, non-judgemental space to do so.  I am here, as part of this hardworking team, to end stigmas on sexual violence, rape culture and victim blaming.



Hi my name is Jade and I am a support mentor for Say It Loud and a third year Psychology student at Oxford Brookes. I joined Say It Loud because I want to help survivors of sexual violence and listen to those who need support. I have training in disclosures of sexual violence and I want to provide a safe and supportive space. I am pleased to be part of such a rewarding and fightful team to end the stigmas surrounding sexual violence and victim blaming.



Hi, I'm Alice and I am a Support Member for the Say it Loud Team. I am currently in University studying Sociology. I am here to listen to and provide individuals with advice on how to cope and overcome sexual violence experiences. Being part of this team allows me to raise the topic of sexual violence and harrasment; providing awarness to this taboo subject. 



Hi, I’m Bec and I’m part of the Say it Loud media team as well as a freelance journalist. Having experienced sexual trauma while I was a student at The University of Manchester, I’m passionate about raising awareness about the impacts of rape culture within educational institutions. I think it’s really important for survivors to have a space like Say it Loud where they can express how they’re feeling without fear of judgement. I joined this incredible team so I could take a more active role in supporting my fellow survivors and continue raising awareness and educating others about rape culture and sexual violence.



Hi my Name is Jessie, and I'm a Graphic Designer for Say It Loud Space. I start my degree in graphic design at University Arts London in September 2021. I have been a fan of Say It Loud Space's Content for quite a while before I saw they were hiring. I'm proud to say I'm now part of their team. My role consists of creating digital artwork and social media posts for the company. I'm passionate about doing this and I want my art to have a message and help raise awareness of rape culture. I want to help victims of sexual assault feel empowered and united



Hey, I'm Joëlle, I joined Say it Loud as a support mentor because  creating a safe space for all victims and survivors of sexual assault is incredibly important as it currently effects so many individuals. I am passionate about breaking down the myths and stereotypes that are embedded within rape culture. I'm here to listen and provide support to anyone effected by sexual violence, whilst raising awareness about a complex and stigmatised topic.



Hey! I’m Maria and I’m part of the media team for Say it Loud, as well as a third year English Literature and Film Studies student at Brookes. I joined Say it Loud as I believe that with today’s university culture, opening up and dismantling the conversation regarding sexual assault and violence is extremely important, due to it being a taboo subject. I really hope to contribute towards the platforms growth, as Say it Loud crucially provides a safe space and support network for those affected by sexual trauma. By being a part of this amazing team, I hope to spread awareness of sexual inequality that needs to be addressed in todays society.



Hello, I am Harriet and I am the Videographer for Say it Loud. With over 4 years of experience in film making, i will be making videos to go along side the Say it Loud work and for the campaigns. I am passionate about film and film making, as well as feminism and spreading awareness of feminist issues such as sexual violence and trauma support and prevention. By joining the team, I want to bring my skills and use them to help all of those who need it.



Hello! My name is Rhianna. I have joined the team to help spread awareness on the crucial issues of rape culture and sexual assault, which are topics that are very important and need to be given more attention and discussion in order to create change in society. I want to assist in expressing the significance of feminism, and through spreading all of these extremely important messages to others, I hope to allow all to feel safe and empowered through this community.


Hi, I’m Hero and I am a member of the media team for Say It Loud. I am currently studying English Literature at Oxford Brookes university. I wanted to join an informative and safe space that will help those who have suffered from sexual trauma. I hope I can spread awareness on what sexual violence entails and give support to those who feel isolated by their experiences. I wish to end stigma surrounding sexual violence so that everyone can have a voice and feel heard when it comes to their story.


Hey, I’m Abbie and I’m a support mentor here at Say It Loud. I am proud and excited to be part of something I am passionate about. Alongside working towards eradicating the culture surrounding sexual violence, I want to use my personal experiences as a survivor to provide others with a a safe space.



Hello, I am Emily and I am a support mentor for Say It Loud. I have just finished my psychology undergraduate degree and want to be able to use the skills I have gained in helping those who have experienced trauma, especially sexual violence and harrasment. I really wanted to join the team because I think they are doing wonders in creating safe spaces for survivors/victims and a space for them to be heard. I am excited to be apart of an organisation that is fighting to end rape culture and aims to educate all about sexual assault.



Hi I’m Fleur, I am in my second year of studying Law at the University of the West of England. Breaking down stigmas surrounding sexual assault is something that’s hugely important, as well as making gender based violence my area of study I have joined Say It Loud as a support mentor. The support group creates a judgement free space for survivors to talk, essential work in educating others and busting rape myths.


Hi, I am Millie and I am part of the media team for Say it Loud!!! I am just about to join Cardiff University in September to study Sociology. I wanted to join Say It Loud as I believe that survivors of sexual assault are often silenced and Say It Loud offer a great supportive space to allow survivors to openly talk about their experiences without feeling any shame. As a survivor of sexual assault myself, I wish I would of had the supoort of Say It Loud and that is why I was so keen to volunteer for them. I am passionate about eradicating rape culture and I hope to use this platform to help educate and support others..



Hi! My name is Pip, I am a support mentor for Say it Loud & a 3rd year Law student. I wanted to joint the Say it Loud team to channel my passion for women’s right and equality in an effective way that benefits the community as a whole and opens up a non-judgemental space for women & men to come forward about their experiences. I have personal experience with Sexual Trauma and appreciate how difficult it is to navigate ones way through these events and a safe space like Say it Loud is SO necessary and that’s why I am so proud to be apart of this organisation. I can provide education and knowledge regarding women’s rights surrounding sexual violence and also information on the current law and the different areas surrounding sexual violence.



Hi I’m Nadine, I’m studying urban design and I am very passionate about creating a world where everyone is heard. I’m part of the media team at say it loud, I am really proud to be part of a team which helps support those who have experienced sexual assault, whilst working along side some incredible people. I hope I can contribute to a better world which not only believes survivors but also helps survivors take their lives back. Sexual assault is far too common than one may think and that’s why I volunteer at say it loud to help survivors.