I'm Meredith, I am the founder of Say it Loud. I made this support group after experiencing sexual violence myself and feeling like I had to stay silent. I am a student mental health nurse and have training in sexual trauma.



Hello, I am Leonie and I am head of the support mentor team at Say It Loud. I am dedicated to providing a safe space where individuals can voice their experiences, ensuring that each individual that we work with gets the best possible support and feels listened to and believed. I am a third year psychology student with a background in mental health and sexual objectification.



Hello, I am Hope and I am a support mentor at Say it Loud and a second year Anthropology student at Brookes! I joined say it loud as I want to help continue to create a safe environment for survivors of sexual violence to be listened to and supported whilst trying to educate others ultimately breaking down the taboos surrounding sexual violence. 



Hey, I’m Ellen and I am the women’s officer for Say It Loud. I am a counselling student with a big passion for mental health and well-being. I joined the team after coming to terms with my own experiences of sexual assault and wanted to be part of a support network for other individuals who have experienced any form of sexual violence or harassment.



Hey, I’m Sophia, I am a support mentor for Say It Loud. It is a cause that is very close to my heart, and I am extremely passionate about helping those who have experienced sexual assault of any kind. Say It Loud is exactly the kind of safe space I would have benefited from after experiencing sexual violence, and I think it is an important step against the blaming and silencing of individuals who have suffered sexual assault. I’m really proud to be a part of this amazing team!



Hey, I'm Rowan. I'm a final year student in Applied Languages, after which I'll be staying at Brookes to do a MSc in Psychology. I've completed bystander awareness training with the Oxford SU and sexual violence awareness training with OSARCC. I'm committed to active and empathetic listening, supporting the voices of survivors and victims, and making safe spaces to talk about trauma - especially for trans and nonbinary people and for trans and cis men.



Hello, I am Meriel and I am the LGBTQ officer and a supoort mentor. I am currently in my second year of politics and sociology at Oxford Brookes and I'm hoping to use my studies to help people when I graduate. I have lots of various experience being a mentor because I really value the importance of mental wellbeing and support. Too many cuts have damaged our mental health services leaving women, poc and the lgbt community incredibly vulnerable. I hope by being part of say it Loud I can help change these negative set backs and work towards improving mental wellbeing



Hello, I am Leanne.



Hello! I’m Katie, and I am a support mentor for Say it Loud. I am currently in my final year studying Psychology and want to apply my knowledge of psychology to help others. I am here to listen to you, and to provide support and advice to those who need it. Say it Loud is a safe, approachable space that offers support and education surrounding the topic of sexual violence and harassment, and I am so happy to be a part of the fight toward ending rape culture and reducing stigmas surrounding it!



Hi I’m Rowena! I’m a support mentor for Say it Loud and a third year English literature student. I want to use my voice to help end the culture of staying silent about sexual violence as well as help people who may be recovering on their mental health journeys.’


Hi, I am Jade.



I’m Lottie my role is as a support mentor. I am third year student studying English language and communications, my passion in both my personal and professional life is helping others. I hope being part of this great team I can help those who have suffered and the growth of Say It Loud!


Hi, I'm Alice and I am a Support Member for the Say it Loud Team. I am currently in University studying Sociology. I am here to listen to and provide individuals with advice on how to cope and overcome sexual violence experiences. Being part of this team allows me to raise the topic of sexual violence and harrasment; providing awarness to this taboo subject. 



I’m Abigail and I’m a support mentor at Say it Loud. I am a final year student and hoping to go on to do a masters in counselling and psychotherapy. I have personal experience with sexual trauma and professional experience supporting people who have experienced sexual trauma. I wanted to join Say it Loud because I admire how SIL provide such accessible support for people, utilise an anti-oppressive always working to develop understanding of how people from marginalised groups may experience and respond to trauma and aim to educate people to better understand the effects of rape culture.



Hello, I am Lotti and I am a support mentor for Say It Loud. I joined Say It Loud because I want to help create a safe space for those who have been affected by sexual trauma, as well as advocate for the rights of these individuals and spread awareness about sexual violence and harassment.



Hey I'm Amelia and I am a support mentor. I joined Say It Loud as I want to be able to help and support those who have been affected by sexual violence and to spread awareness of the effects it can have. 



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