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About us

Welcome to Say It Loud, a non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering survivors of sexual violence and breaking the chains of silence that shroud their experiences. Founded in 2020 by Meredith, a brave survivor herself, our organisation stands as a beacon of hope and a bridge to support for individuals aged 16 and above who have endured the traumas of sexual violence.

Our mission

At Say It Loud, our prime mission is simple yet profound: to empower survivors to speak their truth without shame or guilt. We believe that every survivor deserves to be heard, validated, and supported in their journey towards healing and recovery.

The Say it Loud Difference

What sets Say It Loud apart is our unique approach to providing support. We don't just offer a helpline; we serve as the initial contact for survivors seeking assistance. Our team of dedicated volunteers understands the importance of compassionate listening, offering informed guidance, and empowering survivors to make informed decisions about their paths to healing.

Support and Recovery

We believe in the power of community and the strength that comes from sharing experiences. Our supportive blog serves as a safe space where our writers—each contributing a contemporary and fresh perspective—address recovery, emotional understanding, and self-awareness. We strive for transparency, ensuring that our articles are based on reliable sources while embracing diverse voices and lived experiences.

Breaking Down Barriers

At Say It Loud, we recognise that the journey of recovery is often hindered by societal barriers and the prevalent culture of victim-blaming. We are committed to creating lasting change by campaigning and educating others on how to create safe spaces for survivors. Through our platform, we teach the right language to use when addressing survivors, how to respond to sexual violence disclosures and encourage a culture of validation and empathy.

Join our Movement

We believe that collective action drives meaningful change. As a supporter of Say It Loud, you are part of a growing community that strives to make a tangible difference in the lives of survivors. Whether you choose to contribute, volunteer, or spread awareness, your involvement strengthens our impact and amplifies survivor voices.

Together, we rise

Together, we rise above silence and fear. At Say It Loud, we firmly believe that survivors are not defined by their traumas; instead, they are defined by their strength, resilience, and the courage to share their stories. Join us on this transformative journey as we empower voices, one survivor at a time.

Are you ready to Say It Loud? Together, let's build a world where survivors are embraced with love, understanding, and support. Stand with us and make a difference today.

Founder of Say it Loud

Hello, I'm Meredith, the proud founder of Say It Loud. In 2020, driven by a deep sense of purpose, I established this organisation to address a glaring gap in support for survivors of sexual violence. Our mission is to provide a safe and inclusive space that embraces all genders, offering survivors an initial form of contact that respects their boundaries and empowers them to take the first step towards healing.

Say It Loud stands for something more profound than just a helpline; it represents a beacon of hope and a community of unwavering support. Our ultimate goal is to shatter the stigma surrounding sexual violence, fostering an environment where survivors can speak their truth without fear, shame, or judgment. Together, we're building a network of empowerment, resilience, and healing.

With a background as a qualified mental health nurse, I bring both clinical and non-clinical expertise to the table. This unique combination enables me to understand the intricacies of the survivors' journeys and provide them with the care and support they deserve. My passion for breaking the silence surrounding sexual violence fuels my commitment to helping survivors overcome their traumas and lead fulfilling lives.

In today's society, sexual violence remains a topic often pushed to the shadows, perpetuating a cycle of pain and isolation. At Say It Loud, we firmly believe that every survivor's story deserves to be heard and validated. By encouraging survivors to share their experiences, we aim to create a profound impact that transcends the boundaries of shame and self-doubt.

The consequences of silence can be devastating, leading to severe mental and physical health issues, and tragically, even suicide. We are dedicated to changing this narrative, providing survivors with the support and resources they rightfully deserve.

I invite you to join us in breaking the barriers of silence, amplifying survivor voices, and fostering a community that embraces understanding, empathy, and healing. Together, let's create a world where survivors can find solace, empowerment, and a sense of belonging.

Thank you for being a part of this transformative journey with Say It Loud.

Warm regards,



We believe all survivors deserve a safe space to disclose and be heard, validated and believed regardless of their gender

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