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About us

Say It Loud is an organisation that provides support for survivors of sexual violence for all individuals from the ages of 16 and up. The team are completely voluntary, with the organisation being set up by Meredith in 2020 after experiencing sexual violence herself in 2018. 

Say it Loud works as a "bridge" for other services, we are often the initial contact for a survivor and we aim to support them to make informed decisions, whether this be on their next steps, how they would like to start the recovery process or just an ear for them. Our prime goal is to empower survivors to speak their truth without shame or guilt, hence the name Say it Loud.


As well as being a support helpline, Say It Loud also campaign and use their platform to educate others on how to create safe spaces for survivors of sexual violence by teaching them the right language to use, how to respond to sexual violence disclosures and hope to provide a space in which individuals can learn how to make survivors feel validated and heard. We also run a blog. Say It Loud focusses on recovery, understanding your emotions and being in touch with yourself, this is something we reflect within our writing. Our writers typically share a contemporary and new approach to topics such as current affairs and life advice. We encourage a transparent and informed voice, using reliable sources for detailed articles (and balance when it comes to opinion pieces). 

We believe all survivors deserve a safe space to disclose and be heard, validated and believed regardless of their gender

Our Mission

Our Founder

Hello, I'm Meredith, and I am the founder of Say It Loud. I created Say it Loud in 2020 after noticing a huge gap in support for survivors of sexual violence, specifically those that cater to all genders and provide an initial form of contact that isn't as invasive as other organisations. Say It Loud aims to provide a safe and inclusive space for survivors to share their stories, access resources, and connect with others who have had similar experiences.


Our ultimate goal is to break the stigma surrounding sexual violence and create a community of support and empowerment. I am a qualified mental health nurse, so I have knowledge and expertise in working with individuals with different mental health issues, both clinically and non-clinically. I believe that by combining my expertise with the mission of breaking the stigma surrounding sexual violence, I can help survivors of sexual violence to overcome their trauma and lead fulfilling lives.

I have found that, as a society, we refuse to speak about sexual violence and feel this does more damage than good. When we encourage survivors of sexual violence to not speak up about their experiences, we are telling them that they won't be believed, their experiences weren't "bad enough," and that the survivors themselves should hold the shame. This has a huge impact on the survivor; often, isolating themselves from others and attempting to avoid their trauma can cause severe mental health issues, physical health concerns, and unfortunately, suicide. I believe that we should encourage and empower survivors to speak about their experiences and seek the support they rightfully deserve.

Chatting Over Coffee

Our Vision

We aim to help support in dismantling rape culture and creating safe spaces across the UK within institutions so all survivors feel heard and believed.

Use our chat-line below!

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