We support all genders here at Say it Loud. If you identify as male, trans-gender or non-binary, you are safe here. We believe you.


We are an organisation that provides support for victims of sexual violence, assault and/or harassment for all individuals from the ages of 16 and up. 

Founded by Meredith in July, 2020, we have helped over 300 people come to terms with their sexual trauma and helped them speak up about their experiences by empowering them with resources and skills in how to talk about their experience to their loved ones. 

What people are saying 

"Say it Loud is one of a kind, the team who run it are wonderful, so so supportive and understanding. It feels like a real safe space, no judgements, no pressure and only support. There's always lots of help posted in the group which has helped me learn and I love that they offer messaging where someone can just say 'hi' if they don't know how to start the conversation off but do not know where to begin. It's really validated my experiences and help me acknowledge the trauma. You don't see many support groups in general for sexual trauma and I was so pleased to discover this."